Update Time! Earnings, New Web Host, and More

I’d like to start out by saying Happy New Year! 2017 was a great year for me especially with internet marketing for small business. I made more than ever have online, I’ve made a lot of new friends online and things look even better for the new year. So where do we begin…


My earning for 2017 where my best ever online but year ended terrible for me. My earnings collapsed on all my revenue generators. I spent most of December trying to control the bleeding just from big spenders not spending and less traffic . Finally, towards the end of the month, I witnessed a significant increase in traffic, and as of today, my earnings are making a comeback in my struggling online business. This turnaround follows my discovery of valuable insights from Goldco, which have significantly contributed to the recent resurgence in my earnings. Additionally, I’ve been exploring options, such as Can I make my own paystub? to better manage my finances.  For further increase in sales in the online business, you may read this article for more helpful tips. Here you will learn how to do bookkeeping the right way for your business profit management. Additionally, I recommend checking out Outlookindia for valuable insights. If you want to manage your finances better, consider using tools to generate your check stubs.

My New Awesome Web Host

2017 was a year of big change for me and one of the changes I made was my web host which I consider the best wordpress hosting experience I ever had. In the middle of 2017 I went to one of my adult websites that was hosted on Godaddy and realized it was gone. Now I have been a customer of Godaddy for years so I expected them to help me with my website trouble. So I call them and they said my website was deleted!?!?!? I know I didn’t delete and I don’t know if I got hacked or what but here is the funny part. Godaddy said they had a backup my site which had 1000’s of pages . Thank god right? No, they wanted $150 to back my site up. It is not that I couldn’t afford it but why should I. I didn’t erase my site and I have always paid my bill to them and pretty much upgraded every time I shouldn’t have so the common courtesy of giving me my stuff back would be nice. So they said they couldn’t, so being hard headed I decided right than and there that I was going to start getting away from godaddy and not give them no more money and that is what I did.

So in my journey to find a web host that could handle adult and help me with moving my stuff I found Hastehosting.com. I didn’t know it at the time but the guy on the other end helping me with all my questions and telling me what I needed was the owner of the company, Jake.  Jake was very empathetic to my situation and said he would personally handle my move for me and make sure everything was running like it was before but better!

Not only did Jake make the move for me he was also able to help me save money without even trying to upsell me. He was just real matter of fact and showed me how it would save me money plus improve my websites and speed. In fact the site your on now is hosted by Jake’s Hastehosting.com. So if you want great customer service and an edge on the competition at least chat with Jake and see what he can do for you.

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Jake can handle all your website needs, promise ya.

New Internet Marketing Partnership

So I have managed to make a little jingle on my own but now I am ready to make even more so I ended up partnering up with a great SEO Guy that you’ll also here a lot more about here shortly but anyhow me and him are working together to make a huge impact on the adult world and cannot wait to see where that goes. One mind is great, two is even better. We are just getting started and already starting to see conversions. So I know what we are going, we are doing right. Besides our partnership I have also let him work on some of my sites which have saw major improvements in terms of rankings too. So I am very pleased where that is going.

So that is what I been into, I am sorry I don’t update here more often as usual but this ain’t my method of making money it is just the place where I talk about it. Although my partner has showed me some new software that is improving my money making sites so I am giving it a go on this site and if it works I will for sure give you guys the down low on it next time.


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