My Main Method Now: Chaturbate Whitelabel

Last time I wrote I told you what I been into and why I haven’t updated this site. I also told you I was going to reveal to you the method I been working on for the past year that currently is bringing me in $1695 a month!

My Chaturbate Earnings

I’ll be honest though I was hesitant to share this where is adult oriented and I don’t want it to get out what I do to friends and family . Yet adult or porn oriented things are still the most searched subject on the internet so its probably true even though most won’t admit most people are viewing it or looking at it. That makes it one of the most profitable things out there!

I first posted this method on When I first posted the method I was only making $650 a month now I have about tripled that and hopefully in about another year I will have tripled that! I use the Chaturbate Whitelabel. Chaturbate is the #1 site for cams and most people will tell you, referrals usually stick around for a long time.

So let’s get down to business and show you how to do this!

  1. Get A Domain- I use Godaddy, you can use whoever that part is not really important. The important part is you get a domain that is cam related preferably a niche cam site, for example if your niche is leather than it would be (that’s just example). You can be broader and less niche but I warn you its going to get harder to rank and compete.
  2. sign up at Chaturbate Affiliate  -sign up on my link if you want extra help if your making money, I am making money 🙂
  3. Create A White Label Site. It’s going to be called whatever your domain was called. For example your domain is you will call your chaturbate white label leathercams under the  chaturbate alias. Choose your colors and that’s it. Than you go to your domain dns manager and point your domain at chaturbate ip address.
  4. In my original posting I used tumblr as my blog, I ended up getting the ol ban so I am against using it as my main blog. I would just go ahead and use wordpress (so that means if you don’t have an extra hosting or website laying around you might want to go ahead and invest in that. If not you can take your chances with blogger, free wordpress, or tumblr but you could always get banned easily so do at your own risk.
  5. Now you are going to sign up for these sites if it’s not your main blog post, blogger,tumblr,free word press,weebly. Get a twitter account and stumbleupon account, than find adult pic shares sites ,the main one is but there is so many others imagezog,Zmut,Saucy Pictures, any place you can share an adult nude pic sign up for it.
  6. Next your going to get a ifttt account Ifttt will make sharing your post easy it will automate a lot for you. YOur going to connect your main blog to all these other sites. “Your main blog (mine is wordpress)” make a recipe to each one of these blogger,tumblr,weebly,, than you going to share your main blog post with twitter, you get the point connect your main blog with as many sites that will share it as possible. I am sure there is more sites you can share with on ifttt so use them .
  7. Now your going to go to your white label chaturbate site and pic a chat room. Once the model is in a good position or a good pic look use your print screen button and take  a screen shot.  Once you have that screen shot, paste it to Paint, crop it and fix it up, make it look like a natural pic and save it.
  8. Upload the pic to your main blog and link it to the models room. Below the pic write up a post about the model and pic and post to your blog.
  9. Now automatically it will be shared via ifttt to many websites including twitter. All you got to do is share on the porn pic sharing sites like, that will gain you some traffic.

Like I’ve said before add your own twist to this, this is just a outline of what I do. This will not make you rich over night either. It takes time to grow your accounts and to start gaining will traffic but once you do it’s targeted traffic which gives you higher conversions.

Also don’t let this be the only method you do, your main goal is to get traffic to your cam domain. So I suggest using the autoblog method too Will your doing this your building backlinks to your site which raises it’s rank in search engines. If you got any questions please write them below and I will do my best to answer them.

35 thoughts on “My Main Method Now: Chaturbate Whitelabel”

  1. Hi Smoot,
    This is brilliant stuff! I just signed up for a chaturbate whitelabel and have some questions. Would you be free to connect sometime? I’d really appreciate the opportunity to pick your brain.

    Also, I got the impression that the whitelabels don’t show up in search engine results. I haven’t seen any whitelabels under any major search results. I figured one would show up somewhere. For example, livejasmin says their whitelabels will get thrown out of Google because the code resembles the livejasmin site too much. And when I tried to index the site I created just now, it said that it was denied. I’m pretty new to all of this so it would be really helpful to get your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. In the DNS Zone File Tammy you need to make record type (a)host, the host is called: @ , and in the last block it points to: , now make another (a)host, in this one the host in the first box is called: www , it points to I attached an image so it will be easier for you to understand.

    2. Hi Tammy,

      I have also a Chaturbate whitelabel (in shemale niche) and also godaddy domain but I don’t seem to make out how to setup the correct DNS to achieve masking as your website.
      Could you explain how you did it?

  2. Hi,
    If I have 10 Whilelabels, Is it better to create 10 main wordpress blogs or just one is enough to promote these 10 CB WLs and use this method?

    Do you recommend to use a subdomain of the WL to be used for the blog or should I use another different domain?

    1. I would use blog to promote 10 thats just me though, work smart not hard right? You could just use a subdomain of a white label, in fact I am experimenting trying that now with one of my blogs.

  3. Are you using a separate domain for your blog? Also can you give an example of what you are writing about the model on your blog posts? Are you describing them, as in using their profile information? Or are you writing something totally different?

  4. Hi Smoot,
    Thanks for the article. I have an Ig account in this niche that is now ready to be monetized, what do you think I should do to link it to my whitelabel? To avoid the bans etc.

    Also on the blog site, would it have no other content aside from just pics and description of the specific cam rooms? Kinda like tumblr?

    Thanks in advance!

      1. Did chaturbate change its program? They told me that “whitelables are currently only on the 20% revshare program”. How do you get the $1/signup? (referring to your post on BHW).

        1. Why would you want the $1 sign up totally the wrong way to go. Sure you give a way a lot of $1’s but wait till your first big spender comes, you’ll regret doing the $1 signup deal…TRUST ME!!!!

    1. NO but it is really hard to get adult traffic from twitter at the moment because they put up a sensitve filter that ask you if your sure you want to see the twitter page.

    1. Hey Nail, I know it’s been a while and I’m getting ready to write an article today and I will give an update with screen shot

  5. Hey smoot im using this method, but only with revshare link, not white label for now. And yes still get free reg 1:100 ratio. Do you think registrant will converted to spender if im not using white label? What your experience with this?

    1. I honestly do and tbh I am concentrating on the chaturbate brand more so than my own now. The reason why? All we got to do is be the first person to get our users to go to chaturbate, if we do they have a cookie on their computer or phone, if they sign up for cbate 29 days later they still become our user 🙂 people trust cbate more so than a white label…the good part for me is I’ve build a bit of a brand which is hard to do but you can def make the same amount of money without whitelabel maybe more man…

      1. Ive been reading this with interest, it seems you started off doing quite well focusing on your own whitelable site but you then moved to focused on chatubate directly. This interests me but can you explain a little more how you made the change? Is it basically the same method but you are now simply sending the traffic directly to chatubate?

        The area of confusion for me is how you link and where you link on the chatubate site to get the best conversions. For cxample in the original method you were taking a single model and putting up info about her and then linking to her page on your site but now where do you link to? Do you link to her page on CB or elsewhere? I wondered how her not been online may or may not impact your conversions and if you linked elsewhere on the site for example would the fact they find it harder to find this individual model hurt your conversions?

        Thanks for reading!

        1. Hey James, I haven’t changed Ive just added more methods. More methods=traffic, I use a mix up up of best coverting tour and home page and I use the popups although I am kinda steering away from those now because of bigs changes to google lately I am afraid of getting penalized. Linking to Chaturbate directly has its plus’s , name recognition, 30 day cookie etc. but Whitelabel builds your own brand and domain so I mix it up. I will tell you anything I tell you guys about on here, I have used and it has made money at one point or another but you may have to add twist due to changes behind social media and search engine changes. Hope that answers your question.

  6. Hi. I just got my domain on godaddy. I also registered on chaturbate affiliate program. But Im stuck on the DNS settings. I have no idea what I should put where. Tried every possible configuration and still nothing. Where should I put my domain name, where ip (and which ip). Please explain this to me as simple as possible. Im totally confused with this! Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hey I’m sorry I don’t get on here much, please ask your domain provider for advice they will be happy to help I am sure. there is cb IP code in your whitelabel editor. Copy that and show your domain provider and see if they will give you help.

  7. Smoot,

    When you say “YOur going to connect your main blog to all these other sites. “Your main blog (mine is wordpress)” make a recipe to each one of these blogger,tumblr,weebly,, than you going to share your main blog post with twitter, you get the point connect your main blog with as many sites that will share it as possible.”

    I am going to connect my wordpress to all these other blog sites? Using IFTTT to connect them?

    1. That’s correct share and make it as automatic as possible, and gain followers to the sites you share on is the key to traffic

  8. With a lot of the girls sticking DMCA warnings in their bio, is it still viable to grab screen captures?

    May we see a sample of one of your WordPress posts that goes out IFTTT? I’m just asking because I may not be making the posts properly. Does the WordPress template matter?


    1. To be honest CC I think its a chance these days. The models have got worse with warning in their bios, I have been instructed to take them down before. I’ll see what I can dig up I don’t like to post “adult” stuff on here because I don’t want it ranking with that stuff.

      1. I’m posting screen grabs and have even started recording and posting GIFs as well as free-show video clips. I’m thinking the DMCA warning is for the stuff they offer for sale on their page (as well as clips4sale and others) and not for the screen grabs, clips and gifs we make and take ourselves. But I could be wrong.

        Looking forward to seeing what you dig up. Thanks!

        1. I haven’t focused on this method lately due to so many models going the DMCA route. Where I am making a little bit of money I don’t want to risk getting banned now. They need to go easy on this DMCA Stuff though its getting crazy.

  9. Smooth,

    Thank you for everything, you are awesome, and for replying to people. Question, in the end you say “All you got to do is share on the porn pic sharing sites like, that will gain you some traffic.”.

    What am i sharing there, my main blog website? My twitter?

  10. hi , im roxannalive , I working on chaturbate , I have 6 month on chaturbate and I don’t have traffic, maybe is good buy … can help me where is good place?

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