My Amazon Method I am Trying Right Now

When I first started this blog I wasn’t too big on Amazon. The reason I have never really got into being an Amazon Affiliate is because 1) They don’t pay much and 2)It takes a lot of sales to make a lot of money=lots of traffic. But now I have saw a few sales in my affiliate area and I don’t know where they came from I am starting to change my mind.

So using the Honey and Godaddy method I showed you in a earlier post. If you missed it check it out Click Here . I bought an exact match domain +revew so for example After that I took my content spinner Content Professor. (Click Here For Content Professor) and I spun the top content on Google. After I made a few articles out of that, I started building backlinks. I am getting backlinks the old school way, by commenting on articles and of course by using LinkLuv for social backlinks, I also use youtube videos. Now it’s a wait and see game but I am being proactive. I try to build or add something to each website everyday. So in due time I will let you know how it works. read more

Having An Online Business Verses A Brick and Mortar Store

I am an online marketer but I also have/had a real business offline too. I’ve pretty much gave up on the brick and mortar stores though. Although I am sure there is a hefty award if you work at it long enough, I prefer my online businesses like this blog.

I try to explain it to people like this. In my local area there is probably a couple of thousand people in a 15 mile radius. There is only so many you can sale too, but the online world there is billions I have to opportunity to reach out too. Sure I can get a franchise and keep repeating my offline business but to me there is so much more work involved and you have to rely on so many other people to help you. My online business I do pay for services from others but most of those things are automated and pretty hard to mess up. When your counting on people to a paint job for example, sometimes they do bad work. read more

Get The Honey App and Get A Domain/Web Hosting Dirt Cheap !

I was surfing the web the other day like I always do for new methods and such and I came across this neat app called Honey. It works by installing on your tool bar and every time you shop for something it hunts for coupons so you can get the lowest cost possible.

So you probably wondering besides clothing, how can this app help us that are trying to make a living online? Well here is the cool part/method that will save you money:

1. First go to 

2. Download the app on for your Chrome or Firefox Browser. read more

My 5 Figure Day Review

If you know anything about internet marketing, I am sure you have heard of Bryan Winters program 5 Figure Day. If you haven’t, its a squeeze page that allows you to give away a copy of the actual squeeze page so you generate leads by actually giving the website away. On top of that when you give the free version away your lead shares their lead. For example you sign up under me and you don’t go with the paid or unleashed version as it is called. Well when you give away the squeeze page, I also get your leads info. So I can email both of you. So it’s a squeeze page and lead generator. read more

My Favorite Forum To Learn How To Make Money Online

If you are wanting to learn how to make money online your going to have to do some reading and researching. The best place to do that is forums. You find a bunch of like minded people who have the same interest and goals as you. My favorite forum is 

Unlike the Warrior Forum, I don’t feel like it’s a bunch of marketer’s trying to sale  me stuff all the time .It’s genuine people trying to learn and help each other. Every once in a while you get free methods from some of the more experienced members too. read more

An Amazon Method Worth Trying

I was reading on my favorite forum the other day and I came across a Amazon method worth trying. It’s a few years old but I am sure it still works. I will be putting it to test in the next few weeks to let you know my results but I thought I would share it with my blog fans too.

It involves a Amazon Seller’s account if you don’t have one get one here After you get your seller’s account, you will basically be a middle man. For example you take this coat from Walmart Click Here that is $29.97 sell  it on Amazon For $50. I don’t physically hold the product I just serve as a middleman. Once they purchase the jacket off Amazon for $50, I go to and I buy the coat and on the shipping address I ship it to the home of the buyer off Amazon. After commisions and shipping and handling I should make around $30 bucks. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do this. Once you got this method down path and say you ten flips in one hour that is $300 bucks!! read more

Can You Make A Full Time Income Online?

When I first got into making money online. One of the first things I wanted to know is can sole proprietor like myself make a full time income online? What I have found to be true is it depends on a few things.

One of the first things it depends on is my willingness to work. If I just created this website and never updated it or rarely updated it I doubt it would make any money. Do you think the guys who created Google or Facebook just made their respective websites than just left them alone on autopilot? You have to be willing to work very hard just like you would in the real world. read more

Easy To Do Youtube Method

Many people ask me what is the easiest and fastest way to make money online. Besides Amazon and Ebay, I think Youtube is the one sure way to making bank on the internet.

You might be wondering “How do you make money online with Youtube?” If you have read of some of my earlier post you will know that I do it from monetizing my videos with Adsense. That is real easy to do if you need help here is fantastic video Click Here

The part that gets everyone stuck though is material. Where are you going to get stuff to film or where are you going to get footage? read more

Easy Clickbank Method

I get many questions and most of them are “What’s a method I can use to make money online?” One way that many people use to make money online is by making a review videos of Clickbank products.

Things you will need

1. Clickbank account

2. Product

3. Youtube Account

4. (record your web browser)

5. Hitleap

This is a real easy Clickbank method that many people bank on. What you do is find a good product on Clickbank (make sure it is popular and has gravity, you don’t want to be reviewing something that no one wants). Buy it (yeah I know your trying to make money but if you want to make money you got to spend money). Some people ask the owner or vendor for a review copy but I find it’s best just to go ahead and buy it. Use the product for a few days. read more

Can You Make Good Money On Fiverr?

If you’ve been marketing for a  few years online, you have heard of the website Fiverr. If your new to making money online it’s a website that pays you $5 for completing small jobs or gis for other people. One of the main things though that most marketers want to know is if you can make good money on Fiverr. You can but you got to know what your doing first.

The first thing you should actually look at is how much your actually making. After Fiverr takes their share, and Paypal takes their share, your only making $3.85. So your actually not making $5. So when you’re doing the math or figuring out how much time your going to put into a job make sure you’re not calculating $5 but $3.85 by the time it hits you. read more