How To Get Free Content

Many times the thing that prevents people from trying to make money online is the fact that they have to have unique content in order to rank and get that targeted traffic we all desire. If you are like me your day is filled with other stuff and the last thing you want to do is come home and write a 1000 word article about fish or whatever niche. So I searched far and wide for the best way to get free content without having to spin stuff that is unreadable and by the time you make it readable you should’ve just wrote it yourself. read more

Crakrevenue and Twitter Method That’s Easy To Cash In On

A few months ago I posted my method that is making decent money with Chaturbate. Well there is more than one way to skin a cat! To be honest I use the method I am getting ready to tell you about I use with my white label as well but I think this method would work with Crakrevenue great especially their pay per lead programs. Click Here To Go To Crakrevenue if you want to sign up underneath my referral link.

The four things you will need to do this method:

1 A Twitter Account (It’s Free)

2. A Reddit Account (You guessed it, it’s free too) read more

How To Get Free Traffic

In all the forums and question sites I read, the one question that gets asked over and over again is “How do I get free traffic?”. You here so many different answers, some say search engines, others say social media sites and others will tell you there is no such thing pay for it. This site doesn’t get many people to it a day for one it’s a personal project of mine and two I haven’t put the work into it to help it get the views. But I have a hundred or so websites that I do put a lot of work into them and I will tell you how I get free targeted traffic to them every day. There is no easy way to do it the way I do it, it’s free but it cost you time. If you don’t want to spend your time doing it then it cost you money. It’s as simple as that. So one way or another it does cost you, but if you are just looking to save what’s in your wallet and not worried about time than this should work. read more

Super Easy Method To Make $50 A Day

Hey guys and girls I know it’s been a while, I’ve been real busy moving into my new home that IM has helped to afford. I feel like I am at a spot in my life where I could make it just on my Internet Marketing income but I chose not to because of health insurance and two it helps me to be social and get out of the house. So I believe I am going to keep working even though I could probably be fine just making what I do online. Anyhow during this time a friend of mine showed me a real easy way to make an extra $50 or more a day just following a few steps! That is an extra $1,500 a month if you want to do the math! read more

My Channels Got Took Down By Youtube and The Lesson I Learned

Youtube was one of my best and favorite ways to make money online. Well I know I am not the first person this has happened too and I know I’m not the last but my channels got took down. I have made thousands of dollars from these channels too so it puts a big dent in my online money making endeavors.


Now if you know anything about me YT it is one of the ways I made some steady money online. I had over 25 channels and in one or two days all of them was took down. I thought I knew Youtube’s terms of service and the correct way to use them but I guess I did not! read more

How Do You Make Money Off Instagram?

I’ve noticed after being on quiet a few forums that Instagram is the big thing now. I know a lot of people are making a killing on it but I am not one of them…yet anyways. I think the jest of it involves posting niche photos and following people ┬ábut having a link of your site in your profile. Once your start getting a large amount of followers and repost you start to get major traffic that will convert to your niche.


I am thinking that would make you some money but you would have to work hard at posting all those pics and start following or friending people on there in order to even make a dent in your earnings. How big of a following do you need on Instagram before you can can decent earnings? read more

My Main Method Now: Chaturbate Whitelabel

Last time I wrote I told you what I been into and why I haven’t updated this site. I also told you I was going to reveal to you the method I been working on for the past year that currently is bringing me in $1695 a month!

My Chaturbate Earnings

I’ll be honest though I was hesitant to share this where is adult oriented and I don’t want it to get out what I do to friends and family . Yet adult or porn oriented things are still the most searched subject on the internet so its probably true even though most won’t admit most people are viewing it or looking at it. That makes it one of the most profitable things out there! read more

It’s Been A While And This Is What I Been Doing

Hello and I am sorry I haven’t updated this blog in a very long time. It’s almost been a year and a half so I apologize. Since then I have been really busy in my personal life and professional life. I’ve gotten married this past year and I have went through a big change in my day job. I went from a job that pays me $25 an hour to a job that pays me $9.00 an hour.

So your probably thinking why the big change? To sum it up my qualifications didn’t match the job that they was paying me to do so I was let go (that’s the short answer). So I started a new career and when you start a new career you start out on the bottom job wise and money wise. read more

My Free 30 Day Coaching Program To Show You How To Make A Full Time Income Online

If your like and a lot of you are, meaning you want to make a full time income online, than you should try out my free 30 day coaching program. Over the course of my internet marketing career I’ve had many fails and trials. I’ve at least tried a hundred different methods to making money and I”ve bought every shiny object on the market trying to make a buck. While some have failed, what I teach in this coaching program has stood the test of time and I guarantee will continue to work for a very long time. read more

How To Get Content For Your Blog

Let’s face it some people just don’t like writing. Like me I hate to write to be honest. If I wasn’t trying to make a living out of writing this blog and I didn’t have passion for what I am doing on this website than I wouldn’t even attempt to write. But wonder if you don’t like what you are writing about and there is good money in it? For example “Luxury Homes In Alabama”(There is some a free niche for someone).

I have a few websites that I have been getting original content for and I don’t write anything for them. What I do is outsource it. Let’s face it, it’s either money or time and I don’t want to take the time to write anything for those websites. read more